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KTS SERVICES Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Use of customer information

KTS require certain information from you in order to use our website & customer portal and our online services via the company website at www.kts-services.co.uk. Without being supplied with the specified information we will not be able to process your requests or provide online services. To ensure KTS are providing legitimate services and to eliminate any false requests and errors. We ask that you supply us with factual and accurate information to enable us to do this.

collect data from these processes, such as email addresses. This information is collected to provide our customers with a high quality service and to also create personalised features. To enable us to communicate with you, we will save your contact details once you have provided us with them. We may contact you by phone, email or post unless you select to opt out of any of these options.

All information gathered by KTS will be used solely for the purposes of this website and the company. The information you have given us will be held in our systems with the intent of saving account records and personal details relevant to your individual and company details. We will not pass any details onto third party companies. Occasionally we may wish to contact you with promotional information, but you do have the ability to opt out of this before submitting your booking form.

Site tracking

Whilst we retain detailed log files of all the activity on the KTS Website this does not contain any user identifiable information other than IP addresses. This does not allow us to recognise or record any personal customer data.

Security to protect your information and data retention

KTS will keep your details securely in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Any information you provide us with will be held for a reasonable amount of time after the transaction, or up until the length of time dictated by law. All personal information and contact details will be kept securely in our database and will not be disclosed to any others. We follow security procedures to ensure that any customer details are safe from unauthorised access. Any card transaction if/where carried out online will take place over a secure server.


Cookies are stored on your computer's hard drive and are small pieces of information collected by your browser. On the KTS website we mainly use Session Cookies which are destroyed at the end of each session (when you close your browser) and these are used to maintain the member login security. When we do use Persistent Cookies we will ask your explicit permission before we set them. The cookies used by us do not contain any personal information. Should you sign up, or agree, to receive any emails from us these will not contain cookies. If you do not wish cookies to be used in your browser you can change the settings on your computer and this will not affect the operation of the website.

Disclosure to third parties

KTS Services Limited does not disclose any information collected from the users and customers of this website to third parties or outside companies. Should this change for any reason, details will be posted on this page and you will be given the opportunity to opt out of such procedures.

Your consent

In using the KTS Services Limited, website you give your consent for us to use and collect the information as described above. Should you have any further questions regarding this policy or the way it is implemented then please contact us immediately. Any changes or updates to this policy will be added to this page so that you will always be aware of how we use the information we collect.